For Building/Condominium Project

Internet with IP related Networking Service

Facilities of IP Networking Solution:

  •  Triple Play facilities: Wi-Fi/Internet/IP-Phone/ IPTV/ Intercom in a single cable &single device.
  •  Systematic cabling up to every flat to keep up building environment.
  •  T&T and IP-TSP/PSTN Telephony service enable solution.
  •  Intercom Facilities within LAN (Within Project) by Extension number.
  •  Outgoing call to other Operators at minimum tariff rate.
  •  Normal T&T set can be used for both T&T and IP Telephony call through triple play ONU by using dial code number.
  •  Normal T&T set can be used for T&T call and IP Telephony set can be used for IP Telephony call through Normal ONU.
  •  One Optical Cable will be used in a dark for all services.
  •  Wi-Fi facilities from a single device.

IP Network Diagram (OLT/Triple Play):


Facilities of Analog Solution:

  • Intercom Facilities within LAN (within Project) by Extension number.
  • Outgoing call to other Operator as T&T Tariff rate.
  • T&T numbers can be used for project: (Individual/ Authority/Association)
  • Separate cabling for Intercom, Separate cabling for CATV, Separate cabling for Internet organized in a single dark.

Analog Network Diagram:


Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution

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